Inspired by the ‘Dinosaurus’ cookies, ‘City Crumbles’ is an speculative product designed to spark conversations about sea-level rise and its impact on our cities. These biscuits invite kids to question and explore the effects of climate change on their surroundings and its intricate relationship between urban infrastructure.

With a focus on Rotterdam, one of the coastal cities predicted to be impacted by sea-level rise, ech cookie takes the form of a significant building, strategically chosen to represent different perspectives on the city’s relationship with water.

The Maasvlakte cranes symbolize the vital role of the city’s commercial port, evoking discussions about global trade and sustainability. The Maeslantkering, a gigantic metal door built on the banks of the river to safeguard Rotterdam from rising sea levels, prompts children to ask about current climate resilience attitudes. Lastly, the Cube Houses, beloved gems in the heart of Rotterdam, inspire reflections on urban design and adaptation.